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Over our 25+ year history, Becker Electric, Inc. has completed a wide variety of projects. Our portfolio includes projects that cover a large spectrum of industries and customers. Our team is dedicated to “Total Customer Satisfaction.” The projects represented are just a sampling of our experience. We welcome an opportunity to discuss electrical projects with you.



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As we celebrate the start of Black History Month, we’re highlighting our city’s Southside Cultural Monument! Visit our website to learn more about this tribute to the vibrancy and dynamism of one of SC's most storied historically Black communities

Drop in to discuss the future of Morgan Square on Thursday, Feb. 21, 4-8 PM at C.C. Woodson Community Center (210 Bomar Avenue)!

Former @DennysDiner CEO John C. Miller & 3 former Spartanburg Mayors were given our 2023 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity Week Humanitarian Award in recognition of their advancement of inclusiveness and equity in Spartanburg

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NASCAR won't punish Kyle Busch for gun law violation, prison sentence in Mexico

The Alex Murdaugh double murder trial continued Wednesday in Colleton County court. We will have live updates and analysis through the day.

Can't watch the live stream of the Alex Murdaugh trial? Keep up to date with the latest here.

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If you’re like the majority of small businesses, the majority of your traffic is, well, local!  That means showing up “locally” whether its local advertising (websites, tv, newspaper, etc…), Google Searches and Google Maps, niche websites are all vitally important your businesses success. 

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